About Logo

The Raheja Logo signifies the Ultimate purpose and Single-most aim of re-inventing & re-orienting India in the same way as we have re-invented the Indian Flag in our logo.

It represents the development of 3D space (shown by 3 lines of 3D symbol) with a common focus (shown by the blue dot) of empowering India (shown by colors of the Indian Flag). Everything that we do has to be in accordance with the larger benefit of our Society, Environment, and the People of India. We, at Raheja value Team Spirit and consider each employee a member of the Raheja Family. As extension to our Eternal Mission, the logo is shaped as a Square, signifying Stability through Teamwork.

The Logo is like a Flag to everyone at Raheja and signifies our everlasting commitment to the nation in whatever we do.

This is who we are and what you can depend upon.