Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Raheja Developers Ltd. is doing its best for supporting the underprivileged. Some of the activities that the company is involved with are:

  • We provide safety nets, helmets and other safety equipments at all our construction sites for the welfare and well being of the workers at the site.
  • We are introducing a provision of free food and nutrition to the workers on sites at least once a week while simultaneously educating them on topics ranging from how to improve efficiency at work and also on how to lead a progressive and responsible life
  • We have introduced a system of primary education with the facilities of day care centers for the children of the laborers on each site where they are provided with all the three meals, clothes and books in order to make them responsible citizens in the future.
  • Under our In-Situ slum re-development "Kathputli Colony Transit Camp" located in Anand Parbat, Delhi, we have been practicing the noble task of providing free education, day time meals, various community awareness workshops, and distributing books, stationery, and other community welfare related aids from time to time. This includes during the normal days as well as at the time of national emergencies.

Probably one of the biggest social initiatives that our organization is involved with is the running of Krishna Mahesh Gayatri Sansthan, a non-profit organization for educating underprivileged children. They are taught various primary school subjects like English, Maths, Hindi, Computers along with Yoga, Yagya and the Vedic way of life. The biggest aim that the company wants to achieve through the Sansthan eventually is to teach and guide these children an ethical and socially responsible way of leading their lives in the future. This will enable them to be self-reliant and we expect that this would mould the future of our Nation. The Sansthan has already been able to bring about a difference in the lives of these children and we are hopeful that with the passing times, they will have a brighter future.For more information about Krishna Mahesh Gayatri Sansthan visit at : Click here

Tom Alter, A accomplished actor, theater personality and a Padma Shree awardee had a deep association with Raheja Developers. He was associated with several wildlife and other projects. This link is dedicated to him.

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