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ayana residences mountain facing apartments in gurgaon luxury residences in gurgaon
Floor Plans
3 bhk apartments in gurgaon
Type – T4C, 3 BHK
Plot Size: 358.8 Sq. Yd
FF-Saleable Area: 4313.54 sq.ft.
SF-Saleable Area: 1887.84 sq.ft.
TF-Saleable Area: 2473.95 sq.ft
Building Plan approval No. 739 of 19/12/14
apartments in gurgaon
Type – T4D, 3BHK
Plot Size: 338.95 Sq. Yd
FF- Saleable Area: 4164.01 sq.ft.
SF- Saleable Area: 1881.82 sq.ft.
TF- Saleable Area :2440.79 sq.ft.
Building Plan approval No. 736 of 19/12/14
luxury residences in gurgaon
Type – T5E, 3BHK
Plot Size: 398.9 Sq. yd
FF-Saleable Area: 4652.34 sq.ft.
SF-Saleable Area: 1900.99 sq.ft.
TF- Saleable Area: 2552.02 sq.ft.
Building Plan approval No. 748 of 19/12/14
3 bhk apartments in sector 79b gurgaon
Type – T5F, 3BHK
Plot Size: 384.514 Sq. Yd
FF-Saleable Area: 4589.74 sq.ft.
SF-Saleable Area: 1896.13 sq.ft.
TF-Saleable Area: 2525.64 sq.ft.
Building Plan approval No. 757 of 19/12/14
3 bhk flats in gurgaon
Type - T5, 3BHK
Plot Size: 448.5 Sq. yd
FF-Saleable Area: 5183.87 sq.ft.
SF-Saleable Area: 2200.06 sq.ft.
TF-Saleable Area: 2904.61 sq.ft.
Building Plan approval No. 745 of 19/12/14
premium residences in gurgaon
Type – T5D, 3BHK
Plot Size: 497.44 Sq. yd
FF-Saleable Area: 5614.14 sq.ft.
SF-Saleable Area: 2352.19 sq.ft.
TF-Saleable Area: 3132.58 sq.ft.
Building Plan approval No. 733 of 19/12/14
4 bhk apartments in gurgaon
Type IR1, 4 BHK
Plot Size: 539.24 Sq. yd
FF-Saleable Area: 6220.65 sq.ft.
SF-Saleable Area: 2482.86 sq.ft.
TF-Saleable Area: 3320.90 sq.ft.
Building Plan approval No. 754 of 19/12/14
3 bhk luxury apartments in gurgaon
Type –IR2, 3BHK
IR2 – Plot Size: 283.10 Sq. Yd
FF-Saleable Area: 3147.40 sq.ft.
SF-Saleable Area: 1555.66 sq.ft.
TF-Saleable Area: 2021.89 sq.ft.
Building Plan approval No. 751 of 19/12/14
modern apartments in gurgaon
Type - IR3, 3BHK
IR3 : (Plot Size: 367.59 Sq. Yd)
FF Saleable Area: 4344.19 sq.ft.
SF-Saleable Area: 1800.28 sq.ft.
TF-Saleable Area: 2398.67 sq.ft.
Building plan approval No = 742
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Layout plans and Building plans are approved through various memos issued from time to time developed by Raheja Developers Ltd. (Company). The Company reserves its right to make changes as per the prevailing Government norms. All approvals can be checked at the office of the Company. The Company expressly disclaims any express or implied warranty of accuracy and assumes no liability for any error and/or omissions of any information mentioned herein. Images shown in the brochure are pictorial conceptualization and representation only and it is an attempt to replicate the exact product; however, the actual may differ. Also, this Brochure shall not constitute any legal offer. All the site plans, areas including super area or saleable area or carpet area, dimensions, specifications, perspective view, floor plans, facilities and amenities are tentative in nature and the information and contents provided herein are subject to change as per Company's discretion without any prior notice. The Company shall not be responsible for construction of infrastructural facilities and the Company's responsibility is limited only towards depositing of EDC with HUDA for development of such infrastructural facilities. Home furnishings, furniture and gadgets are not a part of our offerings.

For any query relating to building plans, licenses, approvals, etc. Please write to